Our Full Day Program

is designed to enhance a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Our childcare, allows children to develop skills that form the foundation for reading, writing and math, creative art, painting, clay, educational songs and movies, pretended playing, and maze games.

Professional Caring

creative curriculum and different opportunities let children to be engaged in meaningful learning experiences throughout each day! Such as: English phonics, cutting activities, tracing lines, science for kids, math for kids, French language, piano lessons, sewing for kids.

Best Environment

Our childcare is an attractive option for many families in part because the care setting is essentially a home away from home. We offer families the comfort of care in a setting similar to what kids are used to at their own home, complete with a living room, play area, kitchen, backyard, and bathrooms.

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Our Activities

Great care

provide children with an outstanding care service through warm and safe home learning environment and access to a wide range of toys and educational resources indoors and outdoors.

Creative Curriculum

We design a high-quality program in our home that is responsive to the needs of children from birth to age 8. Now with brand-new robust daily resources, our Creative Curriculum, offers opportunities to engage children in meaningful learning experiences throughout each day.

Critical Period Awareness

what happens in the first five years of life is critical to a young child’s development. Effective early care and education can provide a foundation that will support a child into adulthood.

Ongoing Innovation

The innovations of our service include implementing a singular professional set-up, having a personalized approach for each child and installing a unique playing and booking system.

Encouraging Socialization

sharing, taking turns, forming friendships, playing well with others, problem solving, respectful behaviors, are the social interaction that children need with friends of their age, and help them reach other developmental milestones.

Developmental Approach

Our child care program is based on a developmental approach to learning, taking into consideration the social, emotional and cognitive growth of children ages six weeks through 8 years.

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