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Caring with true heart, love and empathy. This is our goal since 2003 when we started the business. We embrace a philosophy of caring that combines education, nurturing, and true socializations that addresses the developmental needs of each child. Our curriculum, different activities, and daily experiences provide children with opportunities for a fun, enriching and exciting time while they make long lasting relationships. Also parents have a good experience by finding new relationships with each other since their children are involved since the social and emotional well-being also plays a significant role in a child’s development.
We started our business in 2002, in Iran as an international kindergarten and preschool with more than 100 kids. We established a very positive and reliable atmosphere for our parents and kids to have fun with the affordable and the highest quality facilities. In our daycare center, children taught 3 different languages, English, French, and Farsi. They were able to read and write English language and easily communicate with English language people. After moving to United States, we started to receive our certificate of child development in any area of education. We are licensed and certified now and are ready to take care of your beloved kids.


Meet The Owner

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Haleh Manesh

She is holding a bachelor degree in English language, child development certification, master teacher certification, associate teacher certification with more than 24 years of experience in providing care to the children and their families. She and her husband, Hamid Reza Dastmalchi, tried hard to reinforce; 1- A Caring and stimulating environment with Happy Kids 2- An Interesting and Varied Curriculum 3- Safe environment with an outmost care 4- Well-established operating policies and consistent rules Haleh Manesh is holding a California Family Day Care Home Certification and is licensed, trained in CPR, First aid, and Health&Nutrition, and over 24 years of experience in child development and education in Iran and United States of America.

Parent Testimonials

My son was very comfortable when he was under bagh-e-minoo care. He is 12 years old and whenever we talk about you, he started to tell his good memories and impresses us.

Thank you you

Iman Khatam


I have to Thank you you very much for all you did to y daughter Tania. She could easily pass the school transition exam with a high score. Not only she was blessed emotionally at your childcare, but also she has very good friends since then.

Mina T.


bagh-e-minoo management and teachers were awesome. my son is 10 years old and he spent 2 years of care before you closed the center in Iran. we missed you and hope you good luck and success in your life and business.


Maryam Karimi


bagh-e-minoo Childcare

Call to enrol your child 1 (949) 491 - 4265

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